Working with French people

IC005 – Durée : 2 jours

As experience shows, it can be difficult to work and collaborate efficiently in international teams, or with partners from abroad. This proves especially true for people who come to work in France. Cultural specificities must be taken into account as a cause of dayly malfunctionning in work, in as much as they imply hard to decifer for non-French natives behaviour schemes, which can become so many obstacles to professional success.

It is therefore important for foreigners working in France to be able to understand and use the rules and values presiding over work and social relationships in France.

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Any person having to work in a French context.


  • Understanding one’s own culture as a clue to one’s behaviour
  • Understanding the specific features of the French culture
  • Learning how to adapt to French culture persons
  • Building one’s own tools allowing efficient communication with the French


Understanding the concept of Culture

  • Main lines defining cultural differences
  • Interactions between nationals and companies cultures

Understanding values and behaviours schemes in France

  • Time management “à la française” (dayly rythms, ponctuality, seasons, vacations and holidays …)
  • Dealing with space and territories in France
  • Social codes : Formality and politeness, gestures and distances, social interactions
  • Values and social marks in France (importance of social background and diplomas, work values…)
  • Resourcefulness methods and procedures in work (”le système D” or “do it yourself approach”)
  • Team building and autonomy
  • Cartesianism and contradictory debate ”à la française”
  • How foreigners are percieved by French people

Becoming more effective in dayly work with French people

  • Meetings, face-to-face relationships
  • Team work
  • Hierarchical relationships
  • Oral and written communication
  • Blame, congratulations
  • Dealing with conflicts

Building a common language

  • Successful attitudes
  • How to avoid cultural misunderstandings
  • Understanding and using communication skills in dayly life


  • We favour active adults training methods, which implies that the trainees are encouraged to actively participate. Furthermore, we take time to deal with the concrete day to day experiences met by the trainees.
  • We can train in French, English, or use the trainee’s mother tongue partly or for the whole session.


  • In-company training session
  • Specific adaptations on request
  • Small group workshop


Durée 2 jours
Modes de diffusion Stage (jusqu'à 10 participants, Atelier pour groupe restreint, Formation individuelle
Type Intraentreprise
Langue de travail Français et anglais
Modalités Présentiel
Pré-requis To be sufficiently fluent in the French language